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A Letter from Andy & Rose

Nice to Meet You!

Thank you so much for stopping by! We are a family of four that loves to laugh and seek out new adventures together.  Our home is filled with lots of laughter and snuggles. We love heading out on bike rides, walking our dogs, visiting our local forest preserve paths, and exploring our farmers’ markets in the summer. We cannot wait to have another child to take on our family adventures! We thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little better.


About Us

We met several years ago and quickly fell for each other! We dated for about a year before Andy proposed and, in 2011 we were married! We love taking time out each year to go on a mini trip of our own to catch up with each other and enjoy our shared interest! At home, you can find us making breakfast on the weekend, enjoying a cup of coffee, and catching up on how our work weeks have been and fun things the kids have done or said.  

We love spending time together as a family with our 2 boys, Atreyu (11 yrs) and Gabe (7 yrs), and surrounding ourselves with friends and family. We have two rescue pups who adore our boys and smother us with love daily. In the summertime, we enjoy riding our bikes around our neighborhood bike paths or down to the park a block away from home. On rainy summer days or chilly winter nights, we snuggle up for a movie night with homemade popcorn and treats. We love taking trips together as a family. The boys love visiting Wisconsin Dells and going to the waterparks. We can’t wait to welcome another child into our family and have him or her join us on our adventures!

Meet Andy (By Rose)

Andy is an amazing provider, partner, and father. He loves our children and family unconditionally and showers us with love. He is always up for teaching our boys new skills and will let them participate in anything from cooking a meal to changing a windshield wiper hose in a car. When He’s home from work, he can be found cooking dinner and catching up with the kiddos on how school is going. Andy is patient, smart, caring, and one of my best friends. Andy loves researching coffee, from how the beans are processed to how they can be brewed. Andy loves finding different recipes to try out on our smoker, reading books on history, playing video games, and trying out the “spicy chip” challenges and new hot sauces. Andy has started beekeeping this year and we can not wait to taste the honey! Andy values family and is excited to share his passion with our next child!

Meet Rose (By Andy)

Rose is a caring and loving mother who always puts her family’s needs before hers. She has a love for literacy, singing, and planting flowers. Rose can often be found singing and dancing around the house or just acting silly with the kiddos. In the summer, you can find her and the kids digging their hands into the dirt, planting new herbs and veggies, or tending to her flowers. When it is nice outside, she’ll often take a long walk around the neighborhood ponds or jump on the trampoline with our kiddos. At night, Rose can always be found with at least one of the boys snuggled up next to her as they unwind and shift gears into bedtime. She is a strong woman who has always supported me, and encourages our children to be themselves and follow their dreams and passions. I know Rose is excited to snuggle, sing, and read fairytales to our next child.

Our Sons

We have two beautiful and curious boys! Our boys, Atreyu and Gabe, are super excited to welcome a sibling into our home and cover him or her in snuggles and love! 

Atreyu (11 yrs.) loves playing video games, reading, and writing stories. When Atreyu is not riding his bike with his brother or jumping on the trampoline, he loves hanging out with his friends. Gabe (7 yrs.) loves to invent. Give him a box and some tape and he can create anything for you! When not creating, he runs around with his brother and makes him laugh. Our boys have not stopped talking about welcoming another sibling and can’t wait until   he or she arrives. Gabe said, “I just can’t wait to snuggle and protect my baby and keep it safe.”

Our Home in Illinois

We live in an amazing neighborhood with parks, bike paths, and many families. Our backyard is adjacent to a farm that houses cows and their baby calves in the summertime. On Saturdays, we love to visit the farmers market in our town or visit a local community event. Our home has 5 bedrooms and plenty of space for running around inside and outside. We have a room decorated and ready to welcome our next child! 

We enjoy hosting BBQ potlucks on our back patio with our friends and their children during the summertime. Andy gets the smoker going all day for those! Rose always decorates the fireplace mantle to match whatever holiday is coming. We just started planting the garden for summer! This year we added different types of lettuce! 


Our Promise

We promise to love your child unconditionally with all our hearts. We promise their life will be filled with love, laughter, and new adventures! We will provide them with a stable home, education, love for Christ, and an open and understanding heart. We promise to allow them to grow in their own due time and provide them with experiences that will help them explore and pursue their dreams and passions. Most of all, we promise to include you in our family’s life story however you would like our child to know you.

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Andy & Rose

  Andy Rose
Our EducationAssociates DegreeMasters Degree
Our ProfessionsSergeantDevelopmental Therapist
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasian Caucasian
Some of Andy & Rose's Favorites
MusicAlternative, Metal, Rap, Phonk, classical, traditional Irish, Mongolian, and VikingCountry, Indy and Mumford and son's
MoviesFight Club, Never Ending Story and Good Will HuntingPride and Prejudice, Harry Potter and any romantic movie!
Family TraditionsFamily movie nights, annual trips to Wisconsin Dells, reading books before bedMatching P.J.'s at Christmas time, Movie night and homemade popcorn, and going on a new family adventure each year!
Free-time activitiesRiding bikes, reading books on history/coffee and family tripsQuality family time, reading, and singing
FoodBBQ, Thai, and Mexican foodMexican & Thai food
HobbyBee keepingGardening and tending to my flowers
Bucket ListTravel to EuropeIreland trip
More About Our Family
Our Families

Rose comes from a family of 7 with 4 siblings. She is the only girl and the middle child. Growing up in a big family for her was crazy at times and very loud! She always felt loved, and with her siblings, she always had a playmate, forever friend, and confidant. She lived in the city, which consisted of many festivals, water park visits, and swimming in their family pool during the summer with all their friends and neighbors. Her mom and dad and second youngest brother only live an hour away, and we see them often. The rest of her siblings, whom we see on special occasions and get-togethers throughout the year, but she communicates via text message often. 
Andy is the oldest of 3 siblings in his family. He has a younger sister and brother. Andy's family lives 3 hours away but visit often. Andy’s parents live on a hobby farm with goats and sheep and a huge garden. Their farm allows for many adventures and lessons on caring for animals and growing your own food.

Both families are excited for us to welcome our next child to the family and to shower her/him with unconditional love! 

Our Faith

We belong to a beautiful Catholic church in our community. Our church hosts a family faith formation filled with family activities and crafts. Our youngest attended Noah's ark Preschool and still talks about his teacher and how much he misses her. Our church provides weekly food pick-ups for families in our community who are in need. Our Pastor welcomes all the children to gather around the baptismal fountain, has them participate in blessing the water, and teaches them about each step taking place.

Our Dogs

We have two pups, Enyo Grace and Buttercup. They were both rescued from a local shelter in our neighborhood. They both love snuggling on the couch at night and patiently waiting at the window for their boys to arrive home from school during the day. We enjoy playing fetch in the backyard with them and taking walks around the neighborhood when it is nice out.

Why Adoption?

Adoption is something that has been on our hearts for the past 2 years. The flicker became pretty strong within our hearts, and we felt a strong pull by God to start on our adoption adventure. Our boys have been a part of our family discussions all along the way and are excited to welcome a new brother or sister into our family with open arms and lots of snuggles!

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Our Age Preferences

Newborn to 3 years old





Sibling Group

Yes! With the oldest up to 3 years old.

In Closing

Thank you for taking time out of your day to get to know a little about us. We can not wait to welcome your child into our family movie nights, bike rides, nature walks, and Farmers Market adventures! We look forward to building an open and lasting relationship with you on whatever level you feel comfortable with. We cannot wait to get to know you and what your dreams and aspirations are for your child and their future. Please know that we keep you and your child in our prayers and pray that God provides you with strength and love daily.

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