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A Letter from Ben & Lara

Dear Birthmother,

Hello! We are a creative, devoted couple who loves the Lord with all our hearts. We’ve been happily married since 2010, which is when we first began considering adoption. We are open to adopting a child or children of any race and we are open to letters, visits, and pictures. We greatly appreciate you and your consideration. Please enjoy this glimpse into our family!

About Us

We have one child, named Andrew. He was born shortly after we officially began adoption. He is thrilled about having a baby brother or sister; he talks about it all the time!

You’ll find us outdoors, enjoying activities such as hiking in the hills, hanging out with friends around the campfire, attending baseball games, and exploring parks. We also enjoy cooking, traveling, pursuing artistic endeavors, and being with our church community. We are excited to share our lives and make new memories with our growing family!

About Ben

I could gush on forever, but I’ll try to keep it brief: Ben is a funny, hard-working man and a loving husband. I’m amazed each day at his patience, wisdom, and service that all come from his great love of Jesus! Ben’s joy in the Lord and his sense of humor makes our home happy and filled with light. I have relished watching him shower this joy and love onto our son, who is captivated by his daddy.

Ben is intelligent and takes an interest in many topics. Lately, his hobbies have been baking, bird-watching, and gardening. His other interests include art, video games, and baseball.

About Lara

Lara is a wonderful wife, with a witty sense of humor and a beautiful heart for the Lord. In everything she does, she brims with personality and a contagious charm. I know that her attitude stems from her faith, which has helped her grow into an amazing woman. Over the years that we’ve been married, I’ve witnessed Lara grow as my best friend, wife, and as a mother.

Lara’s the best trivial pursuit player you’ll ever meet! Her mind is a library filled with all kinds of fun facts, especially about old films. She also enjoys reading and she regularly knits items for family and friends.

About Andrew

Andrew has an inquisitive, outgoing personality. He makes friends easily with other children. He loves books, playing with cars, and coloring. He also finds entertainment in playing with our dog, Dax. They regularly chase each other around the living room. Andrew is blossoming into an amazing little boy, and we’re excited for him to become a big brother.

Our Faith

We believe that knowing and enjoying the Lord is the meaning of life and the center of all things. We find wonder and amazement in worshipping God, praying and giving thanks each day. We’re broken people, but we have a wonderful Savior who loves us. We regularly forgive one another and repent of wrongdoing. This is something we hope to instill in our children’s lives as well.

We love our church and we’re very close to our church family! We meet weekly with our congregation, as well as our small group. Over the years, close Christian brethren have supported our marriage, our parenting, and our adoption efforts. It has been one of the sweetest expressions of Christ’s love in our lives.

Our Home in Texas

Our home has three bedrooms and a garden in the backyard. Our daily life is filled with hard work and plenty of family playtime! Ben spends his home time playing with Andrew and serving his family. Lara works part-time, so most of the week she’s home with Andrew. She takes great care of the home, serving the family with her hands and heart! We have one little dog named Dax. He is sweet and gentle with Andrew, and they get along with each other like best friends.

Our Family

Ben has 2 parents who’ve been married for over 30 years, 4 siblings, and 2 nephews. Most live in western North Carolina. We visit about once a year, spending time playing board games and doing outdoor activities.

Lara has 2 parents who’ve been married for over 30 years, 1 sister and her husband, and 1 niece. Her family lives in Texas, not too far from us. We visit them often. Visits include playtime with cousin, movies, and traveling together.


Our Promise to You

We promise to provide a Gospel-centered home full of love, support, and grace; with education, healthcare, and spiritual discipline so that our children may pursue their dreams. We promise to keep in touch with you as you desire, sharing our lives with one another. We pray for you daily, and we are looking forward to meeting you. To learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Ben & Lara

  Ben Lara
Our EducationBachelor of Fine Arts in Animation, Minor in DrawingBachelor of Fine Arts in Art History, Master of Library Science
Our ProfessionsMedia Arts Teacher, Adjunct ProfessorLibrary Circulation Attendant
Stay-At-HomeNoPart Time
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Ben & Lara's Favorites
Favorite BookThe Hobbit by J.R.R TolkienHarvey Potter's Balloon Farm by Jerdine Nolen, illustrated by Mark Buehner
Favorite MovieThe Neverending StoryHowl's Moving Castle
Favorite Thing To Do On A Rainy DayCurl up with Lara and watch a movieCurl up with Ben and fall asleep during a movie
Favorite Place I've Ever BeenToss up between Crater Lake in Oregon and the city of Assisi in Italy.Dingle Peninsula, Ireland
Favorite FoodLasagna, French Toast, and Lemon Ice CreamCurly fries
Favorite Quote"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths." Proverbs 3: 5-6“Safe?” said Mr. Beaver; “don’t you hear what Mrs. Beaver tells you? Who said anything about safe? ‘Course he isn’t safe. But he’s good. He’s the King, I tell you.” --C.S. Lewis, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
Favorite Date with SpouseOur hike on the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. It was foggy and damp, but I remember how pretty Lara was against the dreamlike backdrop. It was also our first outdoor hike together, which is something I'll never forget.My favorite date was a simple one. For my birthday one year Ben got me a book on medieval art, which I love and studied in school. Later that day, he took me to see the Monuments Men. It was an Art History themed birthday! But what made it special was that Ben had considered what I enjoyed and focused the date on things that I liked..
More About Our Family
Our Family

We are a family of three: Ben, Lara, and Andrew. Lara's family (parents, older sister, brother-in-law, and niece) live in Texas. Most of Ben's family (parents, brother and three of his sisters) live in North Carolina. One of his sisters currently lives in Southern California.

Our Church

We are members of a growing church plant in the city. We attended a Sunday service the week we moved into town and just never left! Today, we are leaders within the church body and have come to think of the church as our family.

Our Special Interests

We love fishing, hiking, and going to baseball games. We enjoy traveling, experiencing new things and will often plan to go someplace we've never been before whenever we both have free time. We also love to cook together and do various Do-It-Yourself projects around the house.

Our Dog

Dax the dog is a fifteen-year-old terrier mix. He came to live with Ben and his family in North Carolina in 2003, after being found roaming around their neighborhood. Dax loves people (especially his humans) and likes other animals. He loves walks, belly rubs, and chewing on bones. Dax's favorite pastimes are sleeping and licking.

Our Home

We became homeowners in September of 2014 of a sweet two-story home in a North Texas suburb.

We live in the state of...

Lara was born and raised in Texas where many of her extended family still reside. A year and a half after getting married, Ben and Lara moved from Southern Georgia to North Texas. While Ben's first love is the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina, over time he has become a convert and holds a true appreciation of the Lone Star State.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

We are open to adopting an infant from birth to 2 years of age.


We are open to adopting twins!


We have no preference in regards to either gender, we are open to adopting either a boy or a girl.

Sibling Group

Yes, as long as the oldest child is under 2 years old.

Ethnicity of ChildWe are open to any ethnicity.
Future Contact with Birth Family

We are open to exchanging phone calls or emails with you as well as phone calls, emails, and/or letters with pictures after the adoption. We would also be open to having a yearly visit with you if you wish.

In Closing

Thank you for taking this time to get to know us. We pray for you daily, and we are so excited to meet you.

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