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A Letter from Brandon & Crystal

Hi! We are Brandon and Crystal. We love to laugh, to make memories with friends and family, and to take on as many adventures as our lives have to offer. We are excited to become first-time parents and love your child as our own and to help them grow to know God’s love. Their life will be filled with love, laughter, music, and family. We look forward to building a life with deep roots of family and love for your child, providing them with a sure foundation of faith in Christ and a sense of belonging and identity.

About Us

We love spending time together and always enjoy gathering around the dinner table together. It is where we share what happens in our lives, laugh and tell stories, and learn to love one another. Our church is like an extended family for us and we are very active in our church. Brandon works as a pastor and Crystal plays piano in the band at our church.  We love staying active in our lives and enjoy hosting BBQs and cooking together, having family movie nights with friends and family, playing indoor soccer, and cheering for the Seattle Seahawks! We also enjoy spending time in the great outdoors and traveling! Everything from hiking and exploring with our dog to kayaking and traveling the world. We very much look forward to sharing our passions with our child and introducing them to God and his love.

About Brandon

Brandon is the life of the party and a social butterfly. He loves to have people over and would have friends over for a dinner party every Friday if he could. He always finds himself on center stage, just like when we were in Hawaii and he got pulled on stage for a Luau demonstration. He is funny, caring, great with kids, and a hard worker. In his “downtime” he loves to build furniture in his wood shop. He has built our dinner table and planter boxes for our garden and loves to make gifts for others. He also enjoys when he gets to read a book in our home library and restoring our old family truck. He is excited to teach our child the value of hard work, a love for learning, and the joy in making new friends.

About Crystal

Crystal is compassionate, creative, and certainly the smartest one in our family! Her creativity shines through her music. She is an amazing musician and I can listen to her play piano for hours at hand. She loves to spend time nurturing her garden around the home, catching up with friends over a cup of coffee or tea, and playing music with others in our community and church. She is excited to share with our child her interest in gardening, piano, baking, and enjoyment for the outdoors. She also looks forward to teaching them how to speak Spanish.

Our Family

Family is very important to us. Brandon’s retired father lives with us and the rest of our family is only a 5-minute drive down the road. It is great knowing that Crystal’s parents and Brandon’s sister, her husband, and 11-year old daughter live nearby. We eat together, watch movies together, celebrate birthdays and holidays, and find any reason for us to get together. In fact, both of our dads traveled with us to Spain to visit the families of our Basque exchange students from the Basque Country, Spain. With Crystal being fluent in Spanish, she was able to be our translator. Our families are so very excited to spend quality time with our child and welcome them into the family.

Our Home in Washington

Brandon’s father lives with us in our family home that was rebuilt in 2017 on the property that both Brandon and his father were raised on. Our 4 bedroom home looks out over the water and we love to sit on our deck, enjoy the sunsets, watch sailboats and ferries ride by, with the occasional orca whale sighting too! Our spacious yard is great for children to play in, just ask our friends’ kids! Brandon also has a woodshop attached to our house where he enjoys building furniture for us and our friends. Because Brandon and his father have lived on this property for so many decades, we have great relationships with our neighbors, who are also excited for us to grow our family!

Our Promise

We promise to provide your child with unconditional love, to be their biggest supporters, always be there for them, and to display to them God’s love. God has loved us with a Never-Stopping, Never Giving Up, Unbreaking, Always and Forever Love. This is the same type of love that we promise to give to your child. We promise to send you photos and letters and to maintain open communication with you, as per your preference.

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Brandon & Crystal

  Brandon Crystal
Our EducationB.A. Business Information Systems. Currently working towards a Masters of Biblical & Theological StudiesB.A. Piano Performance & Music Education, K-12, minor in Spanish
Our ProfessionsPastorPianist & Teacher
Stay-At-HomeNoPart Time
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Brandon & Crystal's Favorites
Family RecipePear Sauce (it's like apple sauce but with pears and my grandmother would make gallons of it for us)Chocolate Chip Cookies
TraditionWearing our pajamas and driving around to look at Christmas lightsOur Annual Christmas Boat Party, where the yacht club decorates boats and rides in front of our home.
Vacation SpotAny place with a beachHawaii
MusicI love all kinds of music. My mom was in a cover band with her friends so I grew up listening to a lot of The Eagles and Van MorrisonAll kinds but especially classical and 70s/80s rock
SportFootball - Go SeahawksI love watching the Olympics, especially gymnastics and swimmer in the summer, with ice skating in the winter
Ice CreamTonight Dough (The Jimmy Fallon one) by Ben & Jerry'sHalf Baked by Ben & Jerry's
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

Having big dinners and feasts with our friends and family, traveling around the world (we have gone to Spain 3 times), listening to music (we have a growing vinyl collection), BBQ and cooking together, having family movie night with friends and family, cheering for the Seattle Seahawks, hiking and exploring with our dog. We also love to go kayaking, playing indoor soccer with our friends from church, and enjoying a great cup of coffee at the local cafe. Our friends, family, and church play a huge role in our lives and they all join us in our excitement for adoption.

Our Faith

We attend a non-denominational church (similar to a Baptist or Presbyterian church). Brandon is the Executive Pastor at our church and Crystal plays piano with the church band (at least 45 weeks a year). Our faith in Jesus is very important to us, as well as our relationship with others in our church. Our church family has been very supportive of our adoption adventure and is very excited for us to welcome home a child.

Some Of Our Values

Faith - Our faith in God influences all aspects of our life. As we continue to grow in our love for God, we learn how to better love others.

Family - Our family roots run deep. It is a privilege for Brandon's father to live with us and have the rest of our family right down the road. We love to have regular family meals and enjoy time with each other.

Friends - We have been blessed with some great friends. Their kids have embraced us as a special uncle and auntie and some of our best times are spent celebrating life with our friends.

Education - Reading and continuing to learn are important to both of us. We value education and look forward to instilling this value into our child.

Making Memories - Every day has new opportunities for making memories. Whether it is enjoying the ordinary moments in life or trying to make those "once in a lifetime moments", we strive to make memories every day.

Creativity - Crystal expresses creativity through music and Brandon loves to make things out of wood. God has made us to be creative people and we love to have the opportunity to make things and introduce more beauty into the world.

Our Traditions

Most of our traditions are focused around friends, family, and feasting with food. Here are a few of our favorite traditions that we look forward to introducing to our child:

- Independence Day: Each year our community has a large firework display on the bridge that is in view of our house. We welcome close to 100 people on our property to enjoy some great food, the fireworks and watch aerial trick planes do maneuvers right above our house.

- Halloween: We help our church put on a huge carnival for our community, full of food, activities, games, and costumes. This year, Crystal dressed up as a deer and Brandon was Batman.

- Thanksgiving: We start our celebration the night before Thanksgiving when Brandon and the other pastors lead our church in a special service called Pie, Prayer, and Praise, where we enjoy our favorite pies, give God thanks for what He is doing in our lives, and sing some songs that are led by pastors, where Brandon plays the electric guitar. On Thanksgiving morning, Brandon prepares a special breakfast for all the family, which includes his famous biscuits and gravy, fresh coffee, and special hot cocoa for our niece that we brought back from Spain. We then enjoy watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade while we prepare our dinner throughout the day.

- Christmas: This is our favorite time of the year. Brandon is in charge of all of our outdoor decorations and lights and Crystal decorates the inside of our house. Both of our moms loved snowmen and we have been able to integrate some of their favorite snowmen throughout our home, including our snowman themed Christmas tree that Brandon's mom made when he was younger. We host multiple Christmas parties, including the "Christmas Boat Parade Party" where the local yacht club rides their decorated boats in front of our house and Santa makes an appearance on his "sleigh-boat". The peak of our Christmas season is our church's Candlelight Christmas Eve service, which is one of our favorite church services of the year. Our family loves to drive around and look at Christmas lights after church on Christmas eve while listening to our favorite Christmas carols.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 3 months old


Yes! We would love twins

Ethnicity of Child

We are open to any ethnicity.

In Closing

Thank you for considering us. We are very excited to welcome your child into our lives and share our love with them. We promise to provide your child with unconditional love, to be their biggest supporters, always be there for them, and to display to them God's love. We promise to send you photos and letters and do our best to maintain an openness to adoption, as per your preference.

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