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A Letter from Christopher & Telia

We are a highly active couple who enjoys adventure and making memories! We go on lots of hikes, biking, and camp every summer. We love cooking together and cozy movie nights at home. We love to joke around and enjoy being silly with family and friends.

We are really involved in our local church, which has an awesome nursery and children’s program. We spend lots of time with family and enjoy getting out to help in our community outreaches as well. We feel strongly that God has called us to adopt, and because of that, we promise to be the most committed couple to both you and your baby from start to end! We desire to have an uplifting home full of love and the joy of the Lord.


About Us (Written by Telia)

Christopher and I got married in the middle of Covid on August 4, 2020, and have been married a little over three years! We dated for only 6 months before Chris proposed to me; it was love at first sight! We both love the outdoors and are very active people. We recently moved back to my hometown in Florida and are serving as leaders of the youth ministry at Telia’s father’s church!

Each day that passes, we have only grown closer and our love even greater. Through life we have become true best friends! Family and God are at the center of everything we do, and our dream is to raise a child in our family that has so much love to give. From the moment we began to date, we discussed our mutual desire to grow our family through adoption, and have been waiting on God’s timing to start this journey. We strongly feel that now is the time, and we are ready to welcome a baby into our home with open and loving arms!

About Telia

Christopher says: Telia is an incredibly talented and creative woman. She picks up just about any skill, and I LOVE hearing her sing! She is also hilarious! Telia loves to hike, bike, and paint/draw. She is also a huge bookworm and is ALWAYS reading in her spare time. One thing that attracted me to her instantly was that she was always surrounded by children. Someone once called her “Mother Goose” because children are glued to her wherever she is.

Telia is an amazing teacher. I have been able to visit her classroom and teach with her in Sunday school, and she is the most caring person I know and everyone feels like they are her best friend. Telia is a determined person. She is my biggest motivator and encourager to get things done. Telia will teach our children to express themselves in their own way. She will teach them to love and care for nature, animals, and people. Seeing her love on children makes my heart picture her holding our little baby one day. She meets people right where they are in life and will find some unique way to connect with them and show them Christ’s love.

About Christopher

Telia Says: Christopher is the most considerate person I know. I have never felt more understood or cared for in my life, and I get excited just thinking about him becoming a father one day! He loves cars, exercise, and working with his hands. He is super handy and can fix just about anything. He works really hard to give us a good and comfortable life. He does an incredible job displaying his love for people.

He took the time and effort to know all of my favorite things right away and even to this day, he is so thoughtful! He is amazing with children, and they gravitate to him. He loves to cook, especially for friends and family, and is so creative with recipes. Chris will teach our children how to fish, swim, and ride bikes. He also is a dedicated Christian and leads our home with God at the center. He devotes his time to be a strong and faithful provider and godly example. He makes life so much fun and will be the best dad in the world!


Our Families

We both grew up in a home filled with fun memories, love, and close bonds. Chris is the oldest of three siblings, and Telia is the third of four. We are both very close with our siblings and parents, and they are all thrilled for this opportunity God has given us. Christopher’s family is super kind and welcoming. They make anyone that visits feel at home. His mom is an incredible homemaker, and his dad has the best dad jokes (which he is passing on to Chris). We love visiting them on the holidays and doing crafts.

Telia’s family is full of laughs and joy! Because we live in the same town, we are at Telia’s parents or siblings house weekly, and enjoy lots of family dinners and of course, “British tea parties” with Telia’s two nieces. Telia’s parents are dedicated Christians who love everyone they meet and welcome them with open arms. Our children will have lots of family and cousins to encourage and love them. We all get along great and know that the baby God gives us will be blessed by all the love they will have.

Our Home in Florida

Located on a beautiful and tropical island of Florida, we enjoy our 2-bedroom home off of a quiet walking lane. We live within walking distance of an amazing new park, splash pad, boardwalk, and soccer field. We have a golden retriever (“Baer”), and a cat (“Prim”). Something that always surprises people when they visit is how well they get along and love each other.

We live in a smaller city, but are still close to all of the grocery stores, hospital, and schools. Something we both love about our city is the community culture, and Telia’s family will always be close by to lend a helping hand. There are lots of fun community events we enjoy.

Our home is neat and clean, as we find it helps create a true “at home” feel.  We are always working on some craft or project. We love filling our house with smells of something yummy to eat, music, and the love that we share for each other.

Our Promise

We promise to give your baby a strong, safe, and loving home full of memories!

We promise to find hobbies they enjoy, and help guide them to find their own special talents and skills. We will expose them to different cultures in a healthy and positive way, and teach them to love all people. We promise to provide them with the best education possible and commit our lives to the enrichment of theirs.

We promise to build a healthy and strong relationship with you. We will honor your identity as your baby’s biological mother. We will have open and honest communication about you from the start.

We promise your child will always feel at home with us. We will love them unconditionally and give them the life any parent could hope for. We promise to send pictures, occasional visits, send videos, or calls; whatever you feel is best.

We’d love to talk or answer any of your questions. Please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Christopher & Telia

  Christopher Telia
Our EducationHighschool DiplomaBachelors of Science in Education
Our ProfessionsManager of a landscaping companyThird grade teacher
Stay-At-HomeNoWill move to part-time once baby arrives
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian/Hispanic
Some of Christopher & Telia's Favorites
FoodAsian/Meat eater!Pasta Pasta Pasta!
Children's bookThe Chronicles of NarniaThe Tale Of Despereaux
Thing to do Hang out with TeliaRead/Play Ukelele
Time of year FallSummer
Ice creamMint Chocolate ChipVanilla!
Quote"The philosophy of the schoolroom in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next." -Abraham Lincoln"The Lord is on my side, I will not fear; what can man do unto me?" -Psalm 118:6
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

We both have had the amazing opportunity to serve in the children's ministry at our churches since we were just teenagers! Telia is a third grade teacher and gets to work with young hearts every single day. As previously mentioned, we are currently serving as leaders in our church's youth ministry, visiting and spending time with hundreds of children and teens each week. We have also taught Sunday school for our children's special needs program, as well as nursery. Through these opportunities, we know that we will truly love any child the Lord allows us to adopt as our own.

Our Faith

Our hearts' desire truly lies within the hearts of children. We have dedicated our lives and free time to showing precious little ones the love of Christ. As we strive to please the Lord, we love everyone from every walk of life regardless of differences we might have. We believe EVERY human is a unique being with a special purpose. It is because of this we can give our full confidence to show you complete understanding and support through this journey. Because of our location, our church is extremely diverse which is yet another amazing gift we enjoy as we are able to learn about different cultures in a loving and respectful way. We enjoy a time of prayer every night together as we close out our day with thanking God for what He has done for us.

Our Musical Interest

Chris is obsessed with pretty much every genre of music! When you get in the car with him, you never know whether it's going to be country, pop, or even jazz! He can also play the trumpet and can sing in harmony!

Telia is very musically inclined! Playing the piano, ukulele, harmonica, and mini harp is something she truly LOVES! She has a ukulele in her classroom and ends everyday singing a goodbye song which the kids go crazy for. She also frequently sings music specials in our church, and really enjoys sharing the gift God has given her!

Why We Are Adopting

From the age of 15, Telia knew in her heart she would be an adoptive mother. In one of our first conversations together, we found we both shared this same desire! In our first year of marriage, we made a heart-breaking discovery that it would be highly unlikely for Telia to have biological children. While this was hard, we both decided to simply let go of fear, and fully give God our story.

We have wanted to adopt from the start, but have waited as we sought God to direct us for the right time and with the right agency. We genuinely believe the Lord is calling us to adopt in this season of life, and that He led us to Lifetime! Because of this calling, trust that we will not take this opportunity for granted, and will do everything in our power to give your baby the best life possible!

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn-12 months





In Closing

We would be thrilled to be considered as adoptive parents for your child, and promise to respect your wishes and build a relationship with you through truthful communication! We will love your baby unconditionally and for the rest of our lives. Our lives will be fully dedicated to raising your baby in a loving, stable, and happy home. We commit to giving your little one the best life we possibly can. We thank you for the opportunity to be chosen. Love, Chris and Telia

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