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A Letter from Dave & Meghann

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We’re a fun-loving, active family from Georgia. We believe in providing a quality education and a loving, nurturing home for our children. As a family, we love attending sporting events nearby, or taking day trips to the beaches nearby.

We’re excited to grow our family through adoption, and are ready to embrace your child as part of our family. We would love to get to know you, and stay in touch after the adoption, if you’d be comfortable.

About Us

We met at a Halloween party and have now been married more than 6 years. From the beginning of our relationship, we looked forward to becoming parents together. After challenges getting pregnant, we were surprised with the birth of our son, Dax, in 2017, and he is the sweetest little boy!

We love going to hockey, football, and baseball games, including home games for The Braves. (Fun Fact: Meghann loves The Braves, but Dave cheers for The Yankees, which makes watching games so fun for us! We love a little friendly competition.) Attending sporting events is a special tradition that we’re excited to share with our children. We also go to a Baptist church and find joy in the small things in life. Even grocery shopping together is fun! No matter what we’re doing, we always enjoy each other’s company.

About Meghann

Meghann is incredibly strong, and her ability to get through any challenge is inspirational. She’s laid back, easy-going, enjoys reading, trying different recipes, and learning new skills, like speaking Spanish. She also enjoys shopping, yoga, walking, and playing with our dog.

After our son was born prematurely, Meghann started volunteering for a local group that helps families with babies in the NICU. She is a great mother and I know she will welcome another child with joy!

About Dave

Dave is loyal and supportive in all times. He’s respectful and kind to everyone he meets and is always willing to learn new
things with me. Dave loves to play golf and enjoys anything having to do with sports.

Once a week, he plays darts and pool with his friends, and he goes running often (even when he doesn’t feel like it!). He is such a great dad to Dax, and I know he will embrace another child with open arms.

Our Home in Georgia

We live in Northeast Georgia close to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Our home has 4 bedrooms, a playroom, large front porch and basement. We live on a 5-acre piece of land that allows for plenty of room to explore and play. We have all four seasons and participate in seasonal activities throughout the year!

We are in close proximity to mountains, museums, zoos, aquariums, parks and sporting events. We live in a nationally ranked school zone that our children will attend. We also have a Golden Retriever named Lexie. She’s very friendly and loves little kids, especially babies. She is always curled up next to Daxton.

Our Son

Dax, is a happy, busy 3 year old. He is adventurous, curious, so playful, and always laughing! We know Dax will make a great big brother, and we look forward to raising siblings who love and support each other in the best ways.

Our Families

Our family is very important to us. Open adoption is very special to our family; Meghann’s cousin is an adoptive parent, and the entire process was very open, full of love, and serves as a great example of how wonderful adoption is.

Meghann’s immediate family live nearby, and her sister even has twin boys who are about Dax’s age. Dave’s family lives in Florida; his sister has a young son. We love that our children will grow up with cousins to play with on both sides! Both of our mothers are very excited to be involved in the child’s life, so we know that we will always have helping hands available to watch over our children when we are at work.

Our Promise to You

We promise to provide your child with a loving and nurturing home. Your child will have extended family who will welcome him or her with open arms and who will be actively involved in your child’s life. We value education and we guarantee that your child will have a solid foundation to succeed in life.

We will do our absolute best to support and encourage your child to pursue their dreams and passions. We are open to sharing photos, letters, and visits with you if you choose.

To learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Thoughtfully, Dave & Meghann

Learn More About Dave & Meghann

  Dave Meghann
Our EducationBachelors in Accounting, Certified Public AccountantBachelors in Management, Masters in Business Administration
Our ProfessionsFinancial Analyst SeniorCompensation Analyst
Stay-At-HomeNoNo (Yes, for first 3 months)
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Dave & Meghann's Favorites
MovieOld SchoolA League of their Own
DessertOreo CheesecakeRed Velvet Cheesecake
SongEnter Sandman - MetallicaFriends in Low Places - Garth Brooks
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

Dave enjoys playing golf and gets together with his friends every week to play darts and pool. He enjoys pretty much anything having to do with sports!

Meghann loves reading and is always looking to learn new things. She enjoys cooking new recipes, learning Spanish, yoga, shopping, and taking walks.

Our Faith

We attend a Baptist Church near our home. We believe in God, and we do the things that we think are right and moral. We're always happy to talk about our faith with anyone who's willing.

Our Son, Dax

Our 3 year old son is happy, sweet, and always laughing. He will be a great big brother!

We live in the state of...


We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 6 months old




Girl or Boy

Sibling Group

Yes, with the oldest up to the age of 4.

Ethnicity of ChildAny ethnicity or racial background
Future Contact with Birth Family

We're open to sharing contact with you through photos, letters, and visits.

In Closing

We will provide your child with a nurturing home and an extended family that will love your child unconditionally. Your child will be given a quality education, and we promise to do our best to provide whatever it is he or she needs to succeed in life. We will encourage your child to pursue what they are passionate about, and we are open to contact through photos, letters, or visits if you choose.

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