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A Letter from Doug & Rose

We are honored and appreciate that you have taken the time to read over our profile to learn more about us.  While we are unable to conceive a child together due to fertility issues, we realized God has a different plan for us and has called us to adoption.  We look forward to growing our family and to sharing our hearts, faith, family, and traditions with your child or children.

About Us

We are happily married for six years, together for nine. We share our home together with our boys, Mason and Noah, our daughter Jordan and our two very friendly dogs Zeekie and Peanut. During the summer we enjoy going to our cabin at the lake for the weekend. We love going to baseball games, the movies and anywhere with a great beach.
We look forward to taking fun vacations, playing at the park, going to the pumpkin patch, spending quality time together as a family and making new memories and traditions.  We love being parents and want to share our unconditional love with your baby through adoption.

Meet Rose... by Doug

Rose is an amazing wife and mother. Our family means everything to her. She loves writing poetry, being outdoors, helping at our boy’s school, baking and crafting. Rose loves to have the kids bake and craft with her. They always have a great time. She loves keeping tradition in our family. One of her favorite traditions is Sunday dinner where the kids help her prepare dinner together. Rose is an amazing mother to our children. She is kind, nurturing and loving with each of them and I know she will be just as amazing with your child. I know she looks forward to going on family walks and play-dates in the park, teaching your child how to bake cookies, and offering your child lots of cuddles and love.

Meet Doug... by Rose

Doug is a wonderful husband and father. He is patient kind and so funny! Some of Doug’s hobbies are playing basketball, fishing, working on old cars, and watching football. Doug is a great provider for our family. He loves spending time with our children and they love spending time with him too. Doug enjoys working on old cars and playing basketball with our boys while taking our daughter to baseball games- which is one of her favorite things. Doug is so excited about our adoption journey. There are so many things that he is looking forward to sharing with a new baby. He is excited to teach him or her how to ride a bike, help him or her catch their first fish, teach them about our values and faith and always be a great role model. He is an amazing husband and father and I know he will be just as incredible with a new baby in the house.

Our Home in Ohio

We have a six bedroom five-and-a-half-bathroom home on two acres of land with a pool in the backyard. We are just a few minutes away from school, local parks, and bike trails. Just a few minutes up the road is our 135-acre farm. We enjoy fishing, hayrides, and riding dune buggies there. We look forward to sharing our hearts, home, and farm with your child if we are blessed through adoption.

Our Family

Together we share two awesome boys Mason and Noah and a beautiful daughter Jordan. When we told them about our adoption they could not have been more supportive! Mason and Noah are looking forward to helping prepare the nursery as well as teaching their new sibling everything from music to computers. Jordan is excited to help with school projects and have sibling lunches! They are excited to welcome home a new sibling.

We both come from large loving families. Our families are a big part of our lives and we enjoy vacationing and camping together. There are lots of things that we do with our families throughout the year and we look forward to sharing those times with a new baby too.

Our Promise

We promise to always love your child unconditionally. Your child will grow in a financially stable loving home and have all that he or she needs to be happy and strive in life. We will always be supportive and encourage he or she to follow their dreams. Our Christian faith is important to us, we promise to raise your child to always know God and know the love that he has for your child. We will always lead by example with our faith, family values, and love for our children our family and each other. We will always keep our promises to you and your child.

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Doug & Rose

  Doug Rose
Our EducationTraining in business operationsSome College
Our ProfessionsBusiness ownerBusiness owner
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Doug & Rose's Favorites
FAVORITE MUSICRock and RollPop and Country
FAVORITE TV SHOWThe Walking Dead & Impractical JokersStranger Things & This is Us
FAVORITE ACTIVITYBasketballCraft Makiing
FAVORITE HOLIDAYChristmasChristmas
More About Our Family
We live in the state of

Beautiful Ohio, in the heart of it all! We enjoy all four seasons. Building snowmen and sled riding in the winter, picking pumpkins in the fall, taking walks at the park in the spring, and swimming in our pool during the summer are a few things we hope to share with a new baby as the seasons pass by.

Our Children

Together we share two awesome boys, Mason and Noah, and a beautiful daughter Jordan.

Noah, our youngest child, is excited to start the robotics and stem program next year. He loves building 3D printers and coding. He enjoys playing the violin, piano, ukulele, and saxophone. He is very excited to finally be the “big” brother. He plans to help prepare the nursery and teach his little sister or brother all about music.

Mason, our middle child, is in high school, aside from his regular studies at school he studies airplane aviation. He loves learning to build and fly airplanes. His dream is to be an airplane pilot. Mason is in driving school and looks forward to getting his drivers license. He is excited to be a big brother again and plans to teach his new sibling all about airplanes.

Jordan, our oldest child, attends college and is majoring in graphic design. She loves helping with the high school drama club in her free time. She plans to pursue her career while living in New York City when she graduates. We are supportive and super excited to see her dreams become reality. Jordan is excited to welcome a new sibling to our family. She looks forward to lunch dates and helping with school activities. Jordan will be a great big sister.

As a couple, we enjoy

We enjoy an afternoon lunch at the park or a dinner night followed by a movie together. Having a healthy balance in our lives is important for us and we love that our kids see us happy together and making time for one another.

About Our Home

Our home is nestled in on two acres of land, in a beautiful neighborhood. It has six bedrooms with plenty of space for our growing family. We are near museums, parks, and just a couple of minutes from our school. We enjoy spending time in the pool and also watching movies in the theatre room. A few minutes from our home is our family farm. We enjoy spending time outdoors at the farm fishing, riding dune buggies, and also planting pumpkins. We would love to share our home, farm, and love with your child.

Our Faith

We are a Christian family. Our recipe for faith is to be kind to others, always forgive, and never forget the love Jesus has for all of us.

Our Favorite Tradition

We love having our family and friends over to celebrate the Fourth of July, with us and our children. Over the years we have added many new family members and friends to our celebration. Everyone enjoys fun conversation, great food, taking a turn at the dunking booth and visiting the petting zoo in the front yard. As it starts to get dark, we release dozens of Chinese lanterns into the sky and enjoy the beautiful fireworks. The entire day from beginning to end is a blast for everyone, that is why it is our favorite tradition. We would love for your child to be a part of not only our Fourth of July tradition but all of our traditions, from French toast on Sunday mornings to spending Christmas Eve having dinner and exchanging gifts with our extended family.

Why we want to adopt

The two of us talked about adoption for about a year. Our talk turned into a decision that was written in our hearts like writing in stone. We talked for hours, laughing and smiling, about raising a new baby together. Teaching them all that we can about life. What it would be like on the very first day of school. We laughed at each other, knowing it would be the two of us holding back tears. We talked about if he or she would be a Dallas Cowboys fan like Rose, a LA Chargers fan like Doug or if they wouldn't even like football. We talked about going to the fair, pushing him or her on the swings, building leaf piles in the front yard so that the baby can run and jump into them, how we would help them prepare for their first dance and how we would help them heal from their first break up.
Talking about the two of us with this beautiful new addition led us to talk with our children and they were so excited. They talked with us, sharing how they look forward to helping us get the nursery ready, teaching the baby how to say new words, building blocks, and painting pictures. They all look forward to being supportive loving siblings to a new baby. At that moment we realized God was paving our road so that we can begin our adoption journey. We look forward to loving another child and to giving all we have and teaching them all that we know.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

0-6 months old




Boy or Girl!

Sibling Group

We would love to adopt a sibling group of two children, with their ages being 0-3 months and 2 years old or younger.

Ethnicity of ChildCaucasian, Hispanic-Caucasian, Hispanic, or Native American-Caucasian
Future Contact with Birth Family

We are open to letters pictures and visits as long as you are ok with it.

In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to read through our website and getting to know us. We promise that your child will always be surrounded by love, family, and support. They will be raised in a stable and loving Christian home where they will receive a good education and will be encouraged to attend the college of their choice. We look forward to keeping a positive, healthy and loving relationship with you and to sharing pictures, letters, and visits.

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