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A Letter from Jonathan & Sharayah

Hello from small-town Nebraska!

We are delighted to share our story and would also love to hear yours.  Adoption was put on our hearts long ago, and we are now eagerly awaiting the joy of becoming first-time parents through adoption. We are a great team, and together we will provide a loving, creative, playful, grace-filled, and Jesus-centered home where your child can grow and flourish.  We are open to a boy, girl, or twins of any race, and we would be thrilled to share photos, updates, and yearly visits!

A Little About Us

Jon is a youth and worship pastor, and Sharayah works part-time as an accompanist.  Faith, music, and ministry drew us together, and we have been married for nearly nine years now.  We talked about adoption early in our relationship, but infertility took us by surprise.  Through highs and lows, we are committed to each other and to our future child.  Together, we enjoy going for walks, spending time with our friends and their children, and having movie nights.  We look forward to including our child in these activities!

Meet Jonathan (By Sharayah)

One of the first things that drew me to Jon was seeing him run around (leading a game) with a herd of preschoolers during a mission trip.  Jon has a tender heart, a playful spirit, an impossibly quick wit, and a knack for making people of all ages and backgrounds feel accepted and at ease.  He is flexible and not easily rattled, and he is a gentle, but strong and creative leader.  Playing sports, dabbling in videography, preaching, and flying drones are some hobbies he enjoys in addition to being a talented musician.  He will love going on adventures, playing soccer, telling dad jokes, and teaching our child guitar.

Meet Sharayah (By Jonathan)

Sharayah has always wanted to be a mother and consistently displays a loving, tender nature to others.  Her passion and desire to reflect Christ in her life leads her to love well and show grace and kindness to all while using her wisdom to help so many others navigate the trials of life.  Sharayah enjoys playing piano, crocheting, spending time with our dogs, and using her artistic abilities to paint, write, design cards, and decorate cakes.  She is excited to teach our child how to do all of these things as well as live a life that brings glory and honor to God.

Our Family

Our families are ecstatic about our adoption plans!  Both sets of our parents have been married for over thirty years and share our Christian faith.  Sharayah has one younger brother, and Jon has two older brothers and two older sisters.  All of our siblings are married, and we have seven nephews and three nieces!  Jon’s siblings are spread out over Minnesota, Kentucky, Ohio, and Nebraska, but we keep fairly close contact and enjoyed a wonderful family reunion this summer!  Sharayah’s family and Jon’s parents are all in Colorado, so we travel there frequently for holidays and visits.  

Our Home in Nebraska

We live in a 5-bedroom, 2-bathroom corner lot house in the middle of a small rural town.  Our home is within walking distance from a park, the local schools, and a lake with a walking path and playground area.  Hank and Drover, our outside dogs, lounge on our deck or soak up the love from our friends while we roast marshmallows over the fire pit in our fenced backyard.  Our small indoor dog (Nika) watches the neighborhood from our charcoal gray sectional in the living room.  The nursery is set up across the hall from our bedroom!

Our Promise

We promise to deeply love and cherish your child as our own.  We will teach them about their story and will speak of you with honor and respect.  We will strive to teach and model good character traits and healthy relationships.  We promise to teach the truth and to parent with grace and understanding.  We promise to be engaged and present.  We will read to them, sing and dance with them, snuggle them, help them with homework, and walk with them through life.

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Jonathan & Sharayah

  Jonathan Sharayah
Our EducationAssociate'sBachelor's
Our ProfessionsYouth & Worship PastorPart-Time Accompanist
Stay-At-HomePart-time (often works from home)Part-time
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Jonathan & Sharayah's Favorites
Favorite Food & DessertLemon Chicken & Pumpkin PieGrilled Salmon with Mango-Avocado Salsa and Coconut Rice & Cheesecake
Favorite TV ShowThe OfficeGilmore Girls
Favorite Music ArtistsPhil Wickham, Relient K, NeedtobreatheTenth Avenue North, Pentatonix, Audrey Assad, Beach Boys
Favorite Bible PassageEphesians 2:1-10Isaiah 26:3, 4
Favorite Author(s)John GrishamConnilyn Cossette & Francine Rivers
Favorite ColorBlackTeal
Favorite Way to Stay ActiveBasketball & SoccerRefit (Dance)
More About Our Family
Our Personalities

Jon (Phlegmatic/Sanguine, Enneagram 9)
*Loves people & fun
*Processes thoughts inwardly
*Shines in the spotlight
*Dislikes being micromanaged

Sharayah (Melancholic/Phlegmatic, Enneagram 1, ISFJ)
*Thinks slowly, but deeply
*Likes things to be right
*Dislikes confrontation

Our Faith & Ministry Life

We love Jesus! We believe that He died to pay the price for our sin, that He came back to life, and that He teaches us in the bible how to live life well by His design. Our faith in Him guides us through all aspects of our life.

Serving together in ministry is our joy, calling, and privilege. While the youth and worship ministries are our main focus, we also sometimes work with adults or participate in other ministry opportunities, such as speaking at an event, painting faces for Family Fun Day, or helping at the nearby Bible camp. We are not directly involved with our church’s children’s ministry, but we know it is a dynamic program that children love to attend!

The people who make up our church are truly like family, and we see many of them throughout the week in addition to Sunday morning. Our child will grow up with a sense of community and will be loved by many people from many backgrounds.

Our Pets

We brought our three rescue dogs home in 2014. First, we got Nika: 10 pounds of cream-colored terrier. She spends most of her day on our couch and loves belly rubs. Hank came next, followed soon by Drover (both named for the Hank the Cowdog children’s book characters). We were told Hank might be a Dutch Shepherd (brindle), and Drover is a Lab/Setter mix (white with big brown patches). Hank is athletic, playful, and affectionate, and he loves being with people. Drover is a big teddy bear who enjoys napping the day away in the sunshine or on the deck. The two are inseparable.

Our Adoption Connections

Sharayah was first drawn to adoption as a child because one of her closest friends was adopted as an infant, and she grew up with several other adoptees in her church (including some who were adopted transracially). Through ministry, we both have gotten to know several more adoptees and adoptive parents and even a birth mother who chose adoption for her child many years ago. All of these people have been a rich resource for us to learn how adoption can look in different situations and in different stages. We know that adoption - and parenthood in general - is a lifelong commitment that has its own unique challenges. We also know what a gift and a blessing it can be! We are grateful to have this network of people who can provide support, guidance, and understanding for us as adoptive parents and for our child.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 3 months old




Either gender!

In Closing

Thank you so much for considering us for your child! No matter where you are in your journey, we are praying for you - know that you are deeply loved and valued. We promise to cherish your child, to honor you, and to provide a life of love, faith, and community for your child. We would love to speak with you soon!

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