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A Letter from Leanna

My love for being a mother has grown significantly since the adoption of my first son, Zachary, in 2019. I remember looking at his eyes for the first time and knowing that nothing else mattered, and I know when I look into the eyes of my second child that same feeling of overwhelming love will again be felt. I look forward to providing your child with unconditional love, a life full of faith, laughter, and every opportunity to become the best person they can be. I am open to whatever type of contact you wish for in the future.

About me

I am an honest, kind, and humble person who tries to, at all cost, save the integrity of those around me. My faith and church family are extremely important to me and I look to God for support, guidance, and comfort. I work as a neonatal nurse practitioner, taking care of babies who are born too early or who may have immediate medical concerns. It’s a rewarding and yet challenging job that I love.

I have always longed to be a mother and knew in my heart adopting was what I was called to. My son was adopted in 2019 and he is such a joy in my life. He is a fun and spunky 2-year-old who keeps me laughing. I love every moment we are together whether it’s outdoors, going on adventures, playing endless hours of cars or reading books. I am thrilled to grow my family once more through adoption and look forward to sharing the world with your child. I will love them with all my heart and guide them to become who they are meant to be.

My interests and Hobbies

For several years (pre-pandemic and hoping to be post-pandemic soon) I baked cookies weekly for our church choir. It’s been a joy to recently begin sharing my baking adventures with my son and I am excited to share the love of creation in the kitchen with your child as well. Having two enthusiastic cooking partners in the kitchen will most certainly be a fun adventure! My love of gardening continues to grow as I rework and make space for this year’s garden and play structures. I have also been an avid quilter since my teen years and enjoy creating fun warm blankets and pillowcases. I look forward to teaching my children all about working with their hands- from working in the garden to baking in the kitchen and crafting art projects. I am excited to share my passions with my children and to support them as they find their own!

My Son and Family

Zachary is a happy 2-year-old who is an independent, curious and hilarious little man. He is developing a quirky sense of humor that is contagious to those around him. He has a huge passion for cars, animals and dislikes flying bugs of any type. He will be a wonderful big brother; he has enjoyed helping me get the baby room ready with big smiles and enjoys his “big brother’ book.

My parents live close by and are amazing and loving people. We see them often, have a family tradition of Sunday night dinner, and enjoy going on day adventures; They are very much looking forward to becoming second-time Grandparents! My close friends are like aunts to my son and we see each other as often as time allows. Their kids are all older and have taken Zachary under their wing as their “cousin” and love playing with him and they are all thrilled to meet and welcome your child.

Living in Oregon

My home is in a well-established neighborhood that is sought out for its big yards and family-friendly atmosphere. We have a cozy home with 3 bedrooms and an atmosphere that is commonly referred to as warm and “homey”.  Zachary recently moved into his big kid room and he has helped get the baby’s room ready. We share our home with our two dogs, Henry and Finley, and our massive saltwater fish tank. We have a big fenced-in yard where we both enjoy playing, spending time planting flowers, looking for critters, and just running around together. We are located a short walk to the local elementary school playground. The drive from our home is an equal distance to either the beach or mountain, both of which we love to go to! I have many friends who live close by who we see often, enjoying day trips to the zoo with or even just backyard BBQs.


I love the adventure of developing new traditions while incorporating old ones.
Two long-standing family traditions since I was a child have been lego building and hikes on Christmas morning; both of which we continue to enjoy. New traditions Zachary and I have started is a yearly trip with friends to Eastern Oregon in the summer for river rafting, swimming, and bike riding. The two of us also enjoy Saturday family night with pizza, popcorn, and a “movie”. I am so excited to share these with your child while also continuing to build on and continue to create new traditions together.

My Promise

I promise that my children will always come first in my life, regardless the situation. They will be raised in a family and a community that has a strong foundation in faith love and support; while also growing up in a home that is full of with love and laughter. I will strive to provide as many opportunities and experiences as possible, helping them grow into a confident adult. It has been a blessing to keep in touch with my son’s birth mother and I am happy to have as much contact as you wish and are comfortable with in the future.

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Leanna

My EducationMasters in Nursing
My ProfessionsNeonatal Nurse Practitioner
Stay-At-HomeNo; although I only work 12 days a month
My Racial BackgroundCaucasian
Some of Leanna's Favorites
Type of Flower?Daisies!!! They are such happy flowers and always make me smile when I see one
Disneyland Ride?Most definitely splash mountain. It combines thrill and cooling off!The best of both worlds.
Board game?Telestrations. Its an all age, fun twist to Pictionary game that cant help but make you laugh while playing
Type of quilt to makeI love Judy Niemeyer quilts! I like things that are geometric, require a lot of precision and are a personal challenge!
More About My Family

We have a piece of the Ocean in our living room! The saltwater tank is almost 100 gallons and is the home to several fish, a few anemones, crabs, snails, and several other critters-not to leave out the coral of course. It's a fascinating world that is always expanding (on its own) and changing.
We also have 2 dogs-they are both poodle mixes. The elder dog, Henry, is a cockapoo and is entering his senior years. He is a fluff of a dog who prefers laps and worm hunting at a moment's notice. Our other dog, Finley, was rescued - a wandering pup found in California -. He is about 3 and full of energy- Zachary and Fin are best of buds and commonly go chasing squirrels and keep an eye out for the mailman together. Neither dog sheds which is beyond fantastic.
Zachary and I also enjoy the bird wildlife outside and have several bird feeders that we keep well stalked, bringing morning doves, finches, and other little birds to visit.


Zachary and I love going on adventures! Racing down the mountain on a tire was exhilarating, Zachary and I laughed the entire way down and we couldn't get back to the top fast enough to go again! We love exploring things from pet stores, the zoo, different trails to walk, the beach, and/or the mountain. Staying active, finding little critters, exploring nature are all things we do on a routine basis.

Our Musical Interest

Although I am an absolute horrible dancer-- Zachary and I have dance parties every night before bedtime, usually ending in lots of giggles and hugs. The music can range from baby shark to just random tunes that are on his little people's car track. Outside of dance parties with my kiddo, between my mom and I, we play 4 different instruments (Violin, handbells, clarinet, piano) and have been a part of our church choir for over a decade. Music is usually always on in a variety of genre's from classical to Christian to kids to Country while we are home. Whether your child will enjoy any, some, or all music it will be fun to watch their passions unfold.

I Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn-3 months


Either a boy or girl

In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and my family. I am so excited to welcome your child into my life and love them dearly. They will always come first and will be surrounded by a loving extended family and community that will support them alongside me. I will share with them my love of nature, helping others, baking, and sewing all while encouraging them to be their best self. It has been a blessing to keep in touch with my son’s birth mother since his adoption and I am happy to have as much contact as you wish and are comfortable with in the future.

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