A Letter from Lukas & Breezy

Adoption has been something that we have prayed greatly over and have decided that it is the perfectly right thing for our little family. When we discovered our infertility, we realized that we wanted to adopt above all us. We are a very active, Christian couple that loves enjoying the great outdoors. We have quite a large group of family and friends who support us in our journey and that share our excitement in adding a little one to our family. We are ecstatic to show your child love and support as they grow. We are very open to welcome you as a special part of our family and hope to have communication in the future. As hopeful first-time parents we are beyond grateful for you for considering us for you child.

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About Us

We have known each other for quite a few years and our marriage has brought us even closer together! We love being able to spend time together and have only grown closer to each other and in our faith as the years have gone by.

We strongly believe in hard work with just a dash of silliness thrown in. We take pride in everything we do be it house projects, work, or even the relationships we have with family and friends.

We absolutely love living in Colorado! In the summer we can be found on our patio soaking up the sun, going for walks around our neighborhood, and on weekends we love visiting family! In the winter, we can be found on the ski slopes, drinking hot cocoa by our fireplace, and even occasionally sledding on the hill by our house. We are so excited to share these experiences with a little one!

About Lukas

Lukas is a social guy who loves to make people laugh. He spends his day working as an engineer at a local rocket company. When he comes home, he enjoys tinkering on our cars and chatting with our neighbors. He is looking forward to playing catch with our child and teaching them the ins and outs of how a car works. Lukas is incredibly patient and kind. It will be a true joy to watch him grow as a father.

About Breezy

Breezy is a loving and caring person who brings excitement to every activity.  From making crafts (like matching t-shirts) to climbing mountains. She brings joy to everyone around her, especially the children in our lives.  Breezy is looking forward to becoming a mother, including all the the routine activities by bringing silliness and fun to them.  She is excited to build forts, play family games and bake cookies!  Breezy is going to be an amazing mother.

About Our Family

Our family consists of Lukas, Breezy, and our puppy Stella. We have many excited Aunts and Uncles waiting for the arrival of our little one. When we announced to our family our plans adoption they were overwhelmed with happiness and were eager to join us in expanding our family. We are blessed to live just a day trip away from grandparents, aunts, uncles, and even cousins. All four cousins are excited to play with another addition to the cousin crew.

Our Home

We live in a two-story three-bedroom house in a neighborhood filled with young children! Our home is very open and lets in quite a bit of sunshine! We are lucky enough to live across the street from a large open park where all the families gather on summer days. In the summer, we only have to walk a few blocks and we’re at our community pool. We have one dog, Stella, who loves cuddling and spending as much time as possible with kids of all ages!

Our Promise

We promise to do everything in our power to give your child the most loving and supportive home. Our home will be filled with laughter, silliness, and instill a good moral foundation. We highly value education, but understand that each child learns in many different ways. We will help your child grow in the way that suits them best. We promise to always be open and honest about adoption with your child. We promise to continuously work on maintaining our strong marriage so your child will always have a safe and stable home. 


We are over the moon to expand our family and share our love with your child. We are very open to having contact after the adoption in the form of letters, pictures, and even visits. If you would like to learn more about us please contact Lifetime at (phone number)

Learn More About Lukas & Breezy

  Lukas Breezy
Our EducationMasters DegreeSome College
Our ProfessionsPropulsion Engineer - Rocket Scientist Childcare Specialist
Our Racial BackgroundWhiteWhite
Some of Lukas & Breezy's Favorites
Favorite ColorRedTeal
Vacation SpotBreckenridgeMaui
HobbyWorking on CarsCrafting
Sport to Participate in SkiingRunning
FoodBBQ BrisketIce cream
MovieOctober Sky500 Days of Summer
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

Breezy greatly enjoys working with children with special needs. She loves to volunteer at many different organizations that support these children's growth and development. Lukas also is part of a board for a non-profit that serves those with intellectual disabilities. Together, their work in the non-profit sector has changed many lives. Lukas also enjoys working on cars and hopes to someday own a car he can fix up. They both enjoy going out and Jazz Swing dancing. They have spent many summer nights swinging under the stars at festivals designed for rag time music and eating from food trucks.

Our Faith

We are strong Christians who believe our main purpose is to love others. We enjoy going to church on Sundays and cannot wait to bring a child to our church children's ministry.

Our Musical Interests

Music has always played a monumental role in both of our lives. In high school, Lukas was in choir and band and went on to sing Opera in college. Breezy has always loved trying to find new bands that only a handful of people have heard of. They both have a deep respect of music and cannot wait to share their love of it with their little one.

We live in the state of...

We live in the adventurous state of Colorado. We love to take advantage of all the hiking, biking, camping, and winter sports are great state has to offer. We are excited to take our little blessing on all of our outdoor adventures. We also enjoy going to all of the cultural festivals that Colorado offers throughout the year

Our Neighborhood

We live on a street filled with young children and families. On any given day there will be a gaggle of children out playing together. In just a few short minutes, we can hop on one of many trails that connect to other parts of our town. Our favorite thing to do is hop on our bikes and get ice cream at the old fashioned ice cream parlor. In the summer time, we have a community pool with a special area just for toddlers. In the winter, we have a great park that has a fun sledding hill made for all ages!

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

We are open to a child who is one-year of age or younger.


We are very open to twins!


We are happy with either gender and do not have a preference.

Sibling Group

We would be very happy to welcome a sibling into our home. We would prefer a sibling that was four years of age or younger.

Ethnicity of ChildAny
Future Contact with Birth Family

We would be very happy to have a relationship with the birth family after the adoption. We are willing to send letters, pictures, and even have visits.

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