A Letter from Matt & Jennifer

Dear Birthmother,

As first-time parents, we will provide a loving, nurturing environment for your child to flourish in. We hold values such as adventure, learning, compassion, honesty and respect in the highest regard, but we also know that life is too short to take ourselves too seriously. We love to laugh and enjoy the small things in life, so there will be no shortage of love and fun in our home.

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About Us

We live life to the fullest whether we are alone as a couple, with our dogs, our friends, or our family. You can be sure we are doing something fun, active, and interesting. We love to travel, and believe it is the best way to learn about the world around us. Listening to live music is our favorite pastime, but we also enjoy seeing a musical or play, and sometimes even the symphony. Some nights you will find us at the new restaurant in town, while on others we will be trying a new recipe at home.

On the weekends we like to ride our bikes to lunch, take the dogs for a long walk, or just be outside enjoying the weather. We both work hard, but we truly enjoy our time away from work.

About Jennifer

My friends tell me how lucky I am to have found Jennifer, and I couldn’t agree more. She is the funniest, most clever woman I have ever met, and she is also brilliant. She is incredibly caring towards everyone, and she just naturally keeps up with friends and family, making sure everyone is okay.

Her maternal instincts truly endear her to anyone who knows her. But the biggest thing I rely on Jennifer for is her sense of adventure. She is always finding new things to do, new places to travel to, new food to try, and new experiences for us. It’s Jennifer who adds the fun to our lives, and she can’t wait to have a child to bring with us on our adventures.

About Matt

My husband is the most important person in my life. He is incredibly supportive, patient, and grounded. He believes in me and us, and because of that I know we can accomplish anything together. Becoming a father will be an amazing and smooth transition for Matt. He is a natural caregiver and teacher and is intelligent, persistent “go-getter” in work and in life.

Our child will learn about perseverance and loyalty from Matt. When it comes to our friends, they look to him for guidance and advice in all situations from work to personal, and he finds a way to positively inspire them even in the toughest times. I am loved, respected, and cherished by my husband, and our child will grow up seeing this and learning what it is to be a strong family unit with faith, trust, and compassion for one another.

Our Family

Jennifer’s family is from New York, but her parents moved to Florida to enjoy the warmer weather. Jennifer has one sister Christi who has a beautiful 8 year old daughter named Gabriella. She is Jennifer’s little princess. Jennifer also has one younger adopted brother named Jeremy. Jennifer was very involved in raising Jeremy, and that bond they formed when he was a baby is what makes them so very close to this day.

Matt is also from New York, and his parents still live in the same small town that he grew up in. Matt has one older brother Jake. who has a 12 year old son named Brock, and they live only a half hour away. Matt’s parents are retired, so they spend their winters in Texas near the kids. This allows for a lot of family time during the holidays, which everyone truly values.

Our Home in Texas

We love our home. It is a three bedroom, two story home that is filled with love and laughter every day. We often host dinners, barbecues, outdoor movie nights, and game nights at our place, or out on the patio when the weather is right. We love that our home has become the hangout for friends and family!

We have two loving dogs, Bella and Herbie.

Our Promise

We promise to make you proud of the child you entrust us with. We will raise him or her to be a positive, hard-working, successful adult. We also promise that he or she will enjoy a fun, fulfilling, interesting, and adventurous life. We cannot wait to share our life with you through letters, photos and annual visits!

To learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Matt & Jennifer

  Matt Jennifer
Our EducationBachelor of Arts in Criminal JusticeBachelor of Arts in Sociology & Anthropology with minor in Spanish
Our ProfessionsEnergy TraderMedical Device Sales Representative
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasian Hispanic/Caucasian
Some of Matt & Jennifer's Favorites
FoodChicken WingsThanksgiving Dinner
MovieThe Big LebowskiThe Usual Suspects
Sports TeamBuffalo SabresNew York Mets
CityNew Orleans New York
We can't wait to teach our child...How to climb a treeHow to smile
More About Our Family
Our Friends

I think it is safe to say that our friends are just as important to us as our family. Often, special occasions are spent with both friends and family, and it's not unusual that our parents ask about our friends as if they are their own. Jennifer is well known for offering help and providing encouragement. If a friend says they're going to learn something them all along the way. A lot of our friends are in the same business as Matt, so he is always giving advice on professional matters. We travel and go to dinner with our friends, and we host them at our house often. In fact, it's unusual for us to go more than a couple of weeks without seeing most of them. We have decided that all of our close friends will be called Aunt and Uncle by your child. Hopefully, this will demonstrate to them the value of good friendships.

Our Faith

We believe that faith keeps a family together on a path with honesty and trust. We intend to introduce Christian values and morals to our child at an early age.

Our Musical Interest

Music is probably our biggest form of relaxation and entertainment. We see live music as often as we can, and much of our travel is for the purpose of seeing a concert or music festival. We really enjoy rock and roll, hip-hop, jass, and blues, but we honestly love it all. We both grew up playing instruments, and we believe this is a great method for teaching a child discipline, physical skills, and helping with self-esteem.

Our Special Interests

We enjoy overnight road trips with the dogs, weekend getaways throughout the US and annual vacations to places like Hawaii, Greece, and Costa Rica. We simply love to travel and experience new people and places. But we also really enjoy being at home where we can cook and entertain friends and family. Matt enjoys gardening, grilling and playing in his bocce league, while Jennifer likes to spean time reading, cooking and playing with the dogs.

We live in the state of...

Texas! While both of us originally from New York, we have lived in Texas for several years now. It's the Lone Star State, known for our BBQ, Queso, Blue Bell ice cream, and Beyonce. It's warm here, with an average annual temperature of 78 degrees and it rarely snows. We love the weather because it allows us to enjoy the outdoors for most of the year.

Our Neighborhood

We have a large backyard for us and the dogs to play in, along with the convenience of parks, bike trails, and an elementary school all within a few blocks. We also have the luxury of having several good restaurants within walking distance of our home so that we can enjoy a relaxing walk after dinner.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 3 months


Yes, we would love twins


Either Gender

Sibling Group


Ethnicity of ChildCaucasian, Hispanic, Hispanic/Caucasian, Asian/Caucasian, Native American/Caucasian, East Indian, African American/Caucasian
Future Contact with Birth Family

Yes, we are open to letters, photos and visits if you would like!

In Closing

Thank you for stopping by and learning about us. We can't wait to learn about you too. If we are so lucky as to have you entrust us with your child, we will always give them the best. We will laugh with them always, encourage them endlessly, and love them unconditionally. We commit to you that they will know their adoption story and how much they are loved by you.

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