A Letter from Michael & Mandie

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us. We have been praying for you and your little one. We would be honored to love and cherish your child and to raise them with love, faith, and music. We know first hand the joy of adoption, as in 2017, we were blessed to adopt our son, Wesley. Adoption has been the greatest gift and joy in our lives, and we are so excited to open our hearts and home to your little one.  We are looking forward to getting to know you!

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About Us

Our faith in Jesus is the center of our lives together. We love to share our passions for music, movies, food, and family. We have been very blessed financially, and are grateful for the opportunities that it provides us. We are very active and enjoy weekend adventures, and outings to explore our beautiful state of Arizona. We tried for a long time to have a child, and after experiencing a great loss we were told that it was not medically safe for Mandie to conceive. Our hearts were then lead to adoption, and in 2017 we adopted our son Wesley. He is such a joy in our lives, and looking back we can see God’s hand in everything that happened. We are thrilled to be adopting once more, and are excited to share our weekend adventures and passion for music with your child.

Meet Michael

Michael is smart, patient, funny, and the hardest worker. He makes sure to take time every day to be with our family and friends. He shows love through his commitment to his job and family, and by making sure we feel special and appreciated. He has a playful spirit and a deep love for playing the piano and singing. Michael enjoys his job leading worship and has a special way of connecting to people through his music. He is dedicated to our family, makes us laugh, and loves sharing his passion for music with our son. He leads our family with love, strength, and wisdom and is always there to support others. He has such a big heart and is an excellent husband and father. I know he is thrilled to welcome our next child into the family!

Meet Mandie

Mandie is a sweet and caring person. She knows how to show love through the simplest of ways, and how to uplift those around her through her joyous spirit. Mandie loves spending time with our family, playing with our son, is dedicated to our church, and is involved in many ministries each week. Mandie is also a trained musician, and volunteers one day a week teaching musical theatre to kids. She is committed to her health and fitness, and gets up early each morning to workout. Her kindhearted nature fills every day of our lives with joy and it is her passion for others and love for life that makes her such a wonderful mom! She is excited to teach our children all about music and family.

Our Son and Family

Our son, Wesley, is 3 years old, and was adopted in 2017. He is energetic, as well as loving and kind-hearted. He loves construction trucks, trains, animals, and being outside. He also enjoys quiet and creative activities. Wesley has a big imagination, and is always ready to share his new ideas. He is very excited to be a big brother, and is looking forward to having a playmate to join him on his adventures!

Most of Michael’s relatives live in the area, and we enjoy our frequent gatherings, especially our big family Christmas party. Mandie’s mom spends the Winter in Arizona, and the rest of the year in Michigan. We enjoy traveling there almost every summer to spend time with her and many of Mandie’s extended family. Our whole family is excited to welcome your child!

Our Home in Arizona

Our home is spacious, yet also very cozy and inviting.  We have lots of bedrooms for the family to come and visit, and a playroom with space to create and imagine. Our kitchen is great for getting messy while baking cookies or trying a new science experiment. The couch in our living room is filled with comfy pillows and soft blankets, and is great for dance parties or reading. Our backyard has a fenced-in pool to enjoy the Arizona summers, and a large grassy area perfect for picnic lunches and playing games. Our neighborhood is quiet and filled with friendly families.

Our Promise

We promise to love your child deeply. We promise to give them every opportunity to grow, learn, and have an amazing life.  We promise to teach our children the importance of education, as well as the importance of having fun. We promise to support them in whatever life they choose. We promise to keep in touch with you and your family through updates, pictures, and once a year visits. Your child will always know they are loved by us, by you, and by God.

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Michael & Mandie

  Michael Mandie
Our EducationBachelor'sBachelor's
Our ProfessionsChurch Worship DirectorStay at home mom, and musical theatre teacher
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Michael & Mandie's Favorites
What is your favorite season?WinterFall
What is your favorite food?BreadTacos
What is your favorite color?BlueTurquoise
What is your favorite TV show or movie?Fuller HouseHarry Potter
What is your favorite hobby?MoviesOutdoors and Musical Theatre
What is your favorite family activity?Going out for ice creamVisiting the zoo
What is your favorite sports team?Chicago CubsDetroit Red Wings
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

Michael loves all things related to movies. He reads books and watches documentaries about the history of the film industry, famous movie directors, and the making of movies. He also enjoys thrift shopping and gets excited when he finds a really good deal.

Mandie loves to watch and participate in musical theatre. She taught full time for several years before becoming a stay-at-home-mom, and still enjoys helping out with directing shows and even performing with a local community theatre. She also enjoys writing and is working on finishing her first full-length novel.

Our Faith

Both of us grew up in faith-filled homes, and have a personal relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ. Our spiritual growth and faith development are very important to us. We are very involved in our church. Michael is the worship leader, and Mandie helps sing on the worship team each week. We also help with the sound, and technology aspects of the worship service. Mandie teaches the toddler Sunday school class and leads all of the K-5 kids during their music time. Our church family is a big part of our lives, and are always there to help us and each other. We will always be dedicated to teaching our children about who God is, and our need for the love and mercy of Jesus. We will always work to teach them to follow Jesus' example of loving others from every walk of life and to shine God's light and love through their words and actions.

Our Musical Interest

We are both trained musicians with degrees in music education, so music is a huge part of our lives.

Michael is an extremely talented singer and piano player, and can also play the guitar. His favorite music to listen to is Pop and Easy Listening music, especially from the '80s and '90s.

Mandie is a trained vocalist, and actress, and has been awarded for her talents in musical theatre. She also plays the piano, the drums, and the guitar. She loves to sing along to Disney music and enjoys positive and uplifting songs by many Christian artists. She secretly loves 90's country music.

About Our Home

We absolutely love our home. It is spacious, yet also very cozy and inviting. It is almost always filled with sounds of music, or playing, or talking and laughing with friends and family. We have lots of bedrooms for the family to come and visit, and a dedicated playroom with space to create and imagine. Our music room/library with a baby grand piano is a favorite place to gather on the squishy rug, and read quietly or have a dance party. Our large kitchen is great for getting messy while baking cookies or trying a new science experiment. Our big sectional couch is filled with comfy pillows and soft blankets. Whether snuggling up for a favorite movie or building an epic blanket fort, it is one of the most used rooms in our home.

Our Son

Our son, Wesley, is 3 years old and was adopted into our family in 2017. Wesley is an energetic, and kind-hearted little boy. He loves getting messy in the dirt and mud and playing with trucks, cars, trains, and any type of construction vehicle. He also enjoys quiet activities such as painting, coloring, and playing with play-doh. He has a big heart and is always aware and concerned about the feelings of others. He is very excited about welcoming a baby brother or sister into the family. He is looking forward to having a sibling to love, play with, and teach!

We have a wonderfully open adoption with Wesley's birth family and love our relationship with them. It is a blessing to have so many people who love him.

We live in the state of...


Our Neighborhood

Our neighborhood is quiet and filled with friendly families. There are always kids and adults out walking or riding bikes. We have two large parks very close by, and we walk to them almost every day to run around, play ball or have fun on the playground. The schools in our area are rated some of the very best, and offer lots of options for the arts, sports, and extracurricular activities. There are also lots of fun and educational places and activities close by.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 2 years





Ethnicity of ChildCaucasian, Asian, Middle Eastern, African American, Hispanic, Caucasian/ Asian, Caucasian/ Hispanic, Caucasian/ African American, African America/ Hispanic.
Future Contact with Birth Family

We are open to keeping in touch with you and your family if you desire. We would love to send frequent pictures and updates, as well as have once a year visits.

In Closing

We have always made it a priority to create a home that is filled with love and centered on faith. We believe in a balance of work and fun. Because we are both trained musicians, our house is always full of songs and singing. We have been very blessed financially, and are thankful for the ability to raise our childen with an excellent education, and all the tools and resources they will need to have a full and happy life. We know first hand the joy of adoption and truly love our open relationship with Wesley's birth family. We look forward to building a special relationship with you as well! Thank you again for taking some time to get to know us! We are praying for you.

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