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A Letter from Rachelle

Dear Birth Mother,

My name is Rachelle, and I am from Nebraska. I am grateful for the time you are taking to review my profile, and I am overjoyed to become a first-time mother through adoption. I have known all my life that I have wanted to be a mother. Even as a child playing make-believe, I imagined my adult life with children. I am thrilled to now become a mother through adoption and look forward to sharing my passion for the world with your child.  I’m open to sharing pictures, letters, and a visit.

About Me

I’ve always been a people-person; I love being surrounded by my friends and family. I’m outgoing and can talk with anyone about anything. My family and friends always know when I’m around by my boisterous laugh.

I work as a Client Support Supervisor and my career allows me a good work/life balance. I work to live– I don’t live to work. I look forward to passing on my love for life to my child! I always knew I wanted to be a mother, even at a young age, and watch my child enjoy life, see them grow, and support them as they succeed. Even before I began pursuing a career in business, I attended college for Early Childhood Development. 


Interest and Hobbies

In my free time, I love to travel the world and immerse myself in different cultures and traditions. I am so excited to show my child the amazing world we live in. I also love being active and doing anything that involves the outdoors. When my family goes camping, my favorite time is when we are all sitting around the campfire telling tall tales. I’m up at the crack of dawn getting my fishing pole ready, hoping for bragging rights by catching the biggest fish of the day. In the summer my greatest joy is having friends and family over to my pool where we spend time together playing games and grilling out on the deck. I look forward to including my child in all of the family fun, taking them to swim lessons, and teaching them how to fish!  


Camping is a long-standing tradition in my family, one that has been ongoing for over thirty years. Every year my aunts, uncles, cousins, parents, and siblings all head down to our favorite campsite in Nebraska. While we are all together, we fish, hunt, reminisce, and exaggerate our life’s stories!

My family are all Husker fans! On game days here, everyone is wearing their favorite Husker shirt, myself included. There’s no better feeling than heading down to the stadium and watching my team pass through the tunnel onto the field at the start of the game. I look forward to sharing this excitement with my child.

Another long-standing tradition is planting flowers in our gardens every spring. My mother, sister, and I all enjoyed searching out the prettiest flowers from our local nurseries for their gardens. A tradition that has been passed down by my late grandmother. 


My family

My family is the greatest source of joy in my life. I am fortunate to be very close with my parents, sister, and brother-in-law. More often than not, we spend weekends together going on short road trips, visiting extended family, and trying out new restaurants. 

My mom and dad are thrilled to become grandparents! My dad looks forward to spoiling my child while my mom is excited to share family recipes. They will be caretakers while I am at work, and they are thrilled for it. My sister is my best friend and we have always been extremely close. That close relationship has extended to her husband as well, and the three of us can usually be found together going on all kinds of activities with their nieces and nephews. I have multiple cousins who live close to me whom I consider close friends. My family is incredibly supportive of my decision to pursue adoption, and they all look forward to welcoming the newest addition to our family.


My Home in Nebraska

I own a three-bedroom spacious house that has plenty of room for my growing family.  It’s a split level house and I already have a room set aside for the nursery!  There is plenty of space for toys, books, games, and fun throughout the house. My fenced-in backyard is spacious with plenty of room to run and play. I also have a pool with a large deck in the backyard. I have two cats, Snickers and Skittles, that love being around people and socializing. Snickers always loves being picked up and getting affection.  My neighborhood has tons of activities including a park, church, elementary school, a public pool, walking trails, and a golf course.


My Promise

My promise to you is that I will love your child unconditionally and appreciate every single day. I promise to give your child a strong foundation of love, and I will cherish every day with them. I will raise them in a Christian home where I will show them the importance of having a strong moral compass. Being active in the community and honoring diversity in others are very important to me, and I promise to show the importance of respecting every culture and their beliefs to them. I am open to sharing pictures, letters, and visits.

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

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My EducationBachelors of Science - Project Management
My ProfessionsClient Support Services Supervisor
My Racial BackgroundCaucasian
Some of Rachelle's Favorites
FoodSteak, pasta and tacos
Kid Movie/ShowsMary Poppins, Little Mermaid, Big Band Theory and Mr. Rogers
Children BooksMy Great Aunt Arizona
SpotsOcean, pool and camping
GamesConnect Four, Monopoly and Pitch
SportsBaseball, Volleyball and Football
More About My Family
My Special Interests

Travel with family, camping, pool time, playing sports, concerts and going to local community events.

My Faith

My faith has been an important part of my life. I enjoy going with my family to church and giving back to the community. My faith has lead me to mentor the youth through Teammates as well as volunteering at our local food pantry and Habit for Humanity.

My Musical Interest

I enjoy listening to all types of music and going to concerts. Music is something that relaxes me and provides simple enjoyment.

About My Home

My home is always filled with great smells because I enjoy cooking and grilling out. Laughter is also a key with friends and family spending time here. In the summer you can find my house full of family and friends for outdoor fun and activities.

I Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 2 years old





Sibling Group

Yes! With the oldest up to 2 years old.

In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me. I am so excited to grow my family through adoption. God has placed adoption on my heart and know that this is the right path for me to become a mother. I promise to provide a stable home for your child filled with happiness, faith, and love. I'm open to pictures, letters, and a yearly visit. I am grateful to have your consideration for your child.

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