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A Letter from Shay & Kristy

Hi there! Thank you for taking the time to read our profile and learn about us. We love spending time together exploring, taking family vacations, relaxing in nature, going on educational and cultural adventures, and experiencing new cuisine. Adoption has always been at the forefront of our family planning and was something we agreed on from the time we started dating. We’ve worked hard over the years to ensure that we can provide every opportunity available, and we are so thrilled to start this journey with you. We look forward to giving your child the freedom to explore, grow, and learn about the world around them, with the love and security of a supportive family as their foundation. 

About Us

Our names are Kristy and Shay and we’ve been married for ten years. We are planners, so of course we researched every aspect of adoption for years, learned about it in depth, and saved until we were finally able to begin the process. After beginning our adoption journey, and much to our surprise, we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, Evangeline (Evie). She is the joy of our lives, and we love watching her learn and experience new things. Our blessing only strengthened our desire to grow our family through adoption and we are so thrilled to find the missing piece of our “family puzzle” by welcoming your child into our loving home!

About Shay

According to Kristy: Shay is outgoing and has a gift for making others laugh. Practical jokes are one of his favorite things, and he is always thinking of new ways to be silly. He works hard at his job, but his real passion is our family and home. Shay enjoys grilling on the deck, spending time with family and friends, going to car shows, playing with our dogs, and making our daughter laugh. Every day he comes home and turns right around to take a walk with Evie, play at the park, or lay on the floor coloring. He is always ready to take Evie on an “adventure” to the local children’s science center, gymnastics, ballet, or the country club. He is an amazing life partner and truly is Evie and my biggest fan. Shay is looking forward to teaching our children how to play different sports, ride bikes, cook, dance, and encouraging their interests. 

About Kristy

According to Shay: Kristy is thoughtful and compassionate, living every day for her family, which she calls her “loves”. It was important for her to choose a career where she helped people, got to work with children, and still had time for her family, so it’s no surprise that she became a teacher. Kristy loves to sew, bake, look for great deals, explore garage sales, and snuggle with Evie every chance she gets. She has an amazing way of keeping our family running, and she is prepared for every situation (her purse has everything you could ever need). She is excited to have another pair of little hands to help put the icing on cupcakes, build a cardboard box castle, or trim the herb garden. Kristy always puts others before herself and would do anything for her family. She can’t wait to become a mom of two (or three!) and spend her days encouraging our children’s passions and nurturing their gifts as they grow.

Our Family

Our daughter, Evie, is three and a half years old and is curious, loves to cuddle, dance, laugh, and sing. Shay and his sister are very close, and we are excited for Evie and your child to grow up with the same wonderful sibling bond.

Shay’s retired parents live in New York, love to travel and go shopping, and are relocating closer so we can all spend more time together. Shay’s sister is a doctor in Washington DC and drives down often, even for little things. Kristy’s mother and stepfather are animal lovers, and it’s not uncommon to see them feeding wild rabbits or hugging on our dogs. When Kristy’s mother retired, they moved to North Carolina to be closer to our family (they just bought the house next door!). “Mammie” spends most of her days with our daughter taking walks, going on learning adventures, practicing the alphabet or numbers, or playing at the park. She is looking forward to another grand baby to love on in her retirement! Both of our dogs, Sydney and Jack, are sweet and cuddly members of the family. 

We have very diverse backgrounds and we believe that it is important that people honor where they come from. In our family, we’ve managed to merge the customs, traditions, and foods from our various cultures. We promise to honor your child’s heritage as well by making your traditions part of our traditions. 

Our Home in North Carolina

We moved from New York City to North Carolina twelve years ago so that we could start our family in a place with strong values, and where we could provide a comfortable lifestyle for our future children. We chose our home with our family in mind. It has amazing schools, plenty of bedrooms for our growing family, and a wonderful yard to play games in. When we’re home, we are almost always in the kitchen, and love that it is open to the family room and breakfast nook so that we never miss any of the fun. We have a large deck across the back of the house which is perfect for grilling. We’re only 15 minutes away from our country club which has pools, tennis, and tons of kids activities, and it’s just three houses down from the neighborhood park! 

Our Promise

We promise to always support your child and teach them right from wrong with respect and love at the core of everything.

We promise to always have their best interest at the forefront of every decision, to provide them with every opportunity that we can for them to learn, grow, be successful, confident, and happy.

We promise to maintain safety and stability, and to nurture them, and to make sure they are comfortable being themselves.

We are really looking forward to learning about you and welcoming you into our family as well! We understand that every situation is different and will always honor the level of communication that you are comfortable with. 

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Shay & Kristy

  Shay Kristy
Our EducationBachelors of Science in Biology, Masters of Science in Healthcare Management, Masters of Arts in Executive Leadership Studies, Ph.D. in Leadership Studies ABDBachelors of Science in Psychology, Masters of Arts in Executive Leadership Studies, Ph.D. in Leadership Studies ABD
Our ProfessionsSchool District AdministratorTeacher Instructional Coach
Stay-At-HomePart Time-Flex ScheduleNo
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasian and EgyptianCaucasian and Hispanic
Some of Shay & Kristy's Favorites
FoodChicken Tikka-MasalaBreaded Chicken Cutlets
DessertNY Cheesecake Brownies
HolidayHalloween or July 4th Christmas
Vacation LocationThe beach in summer and the mountains in fallThe beach in summer and the mountains in fall
Show GenreComedyThrillers and Mystery
HobbiesFamily time, car shows, and home improvement Family time and travel
ColorNavy Blue Yellow
More About Our Family
The Importance of a Support System

We are both blessed to come from very supportive families, and we believe that having a strong support system is central to a happy and healthy child. Making sure that our children know that they can confide in and rely on us is something we hold near and dear. From social, emotional, and mental development to cheering on the sidelines of every game and recital, and making sure that home is always a safe and happy place, we are and will always be our kid's number one fans. We also believe that every generation should prepare to make the next one more successful, so we have started saving for major expenses to help our children in the future, like with college and weddings, so that they can focus on building their careers, families, or whatever else they are working towards when the time comes.

Our Seasonal Traditions

-We take at least 1-2 trips to the beach every summer, usually renting a house with family and/or friends. It's so much fun to see the kids play together and another generation of friendships blossom.
-In summer, when we're not at the beach, you can usually find us by the pool or at one of the amazing parks that our city has to offer.
-On the Fourth of July, after grilling for dinner, we love to lay out a blanket on the golf course to watch the fireworks while we snack on strawberries and whip cream.
-Halloween is Shay's favorite holiday, and our house is usually decorated in a fun and spooky way. Our neighborhood even has an annual Halloween Parade that all the kids march in, which is incredibly adorable.
-New Years Eve is always at our house and friends come to join the fun! Our tradition is to cook appetizers, like wings, potato skins, and sliders, so that everyone can nosh throughout the night.
-Christmas is always spent with family, and our house is where both sides come together and celebrate. Everyone loves spending time together, especially our mothers, Nana and Mammie.
-Spring is beautiful on Long Island, so we like to head up to New York around Easter. It's so much fun to spend the holiday with family and friends back home.
-Kristy loves to watch the changing of the leaves, so in fall we like to head up to the mountains of North Carolina, or to our friend's farm in western Virginia.

Our Faith

We were both raised in Christian households and our faith is an important part of who we are. Kristy was raised Catholic and Shay was raised in both the Coptic Orthodox and Catholic Churches. We are members of our local church parish and are active in the community. We believe that God has a plan for everyone and everything, and that it's important to trust that through anything we go through. From bringing us together, to the birth of our daughter, and being called to adoption to grow our family, we trust in his plan and look forward to what’s in the works!

Priorities and Interests

One of the best things about our marriage is that we have similar priorities and interests. Both of us believe that God and our family are the most important things in our lives, and spending time with family and friends will always be our number one. We both love our family adventures (local and far), education, animals, staying active, and cooking. We really love learning about different cultures, languages, traditions, histories, and of course, the food! Kristy likes crafting, gardening, decorating, and fashion. Shay enjoys home improvement and gardening (and he loves having little helpers), and always has a project to make our house more beautiful. Most of all, we put family first and look for ways to make memories and spend quality time together, even when life gets busy.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 12 months old




Doesn't matter to us!

Sibling Group

Yes, with the oldest up to 2 years old.

In Closing

We cannot wait to love and support your child as they grow, to spend time nurturing their interests, and teaching them to be wonderful adults. The best thing that ever happened to us is becoming parents, and it helped us see just how much more love we have to share with another child or children. One thing you can be sure of is that in our home, your child will always be loved and supported, respected, heard, and free to be who they are with unconditional love--no matter what.

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